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Do you finally want to get that novel written?

Yeah, I know the feeling…

Let’s see if I get this right…

You’ve been wanting to write your novel for ages, so you started it and it was absolutely awe-inspiring, like nothing that’s ever been read by any mortal on this earth. But then, by some strange phenomena that you haven’t quite understood yet, you got stuck somewhere in the middle (maybe possibly still quite close to the beginning…).

Yet because you are the Chosen One, the gods of inspiration are smiling down on you and bestow you with a new idea. Better than the last. No way you’re getting stuck this time!

Alas… Once more, it was not to be…

This draft, too, gets shelved next to the 20something other brilliant ideas that this world will never be fortunate enough to read.

So… Did I get that right? Yeah, I thought so…

So if you’re ready to finally get that darn novel out of your head and onto that *beepbeeeepbeeepbeep* paper, here’s what you need to do:


  1. Download our something something that’s super awesome, trust me!
  2. Get our something else that’s even better
  3. One last thing I want you to do

About me

Well, I’m an absolutely fascinating person, but I’ll try to keep it short.

I love reading.

I love writing.

I’m currently writing a fiction novel, and as there’s an overload of information on the net as to how to do this, I’ve decided to add to the noise (mwahahahaha) and create my own site with the information I find most useful.

Now it’s all in one place for me! (and for you, perhaps, if you happen to find it useful as well…)

If you’ve found me just as fascinating as I promised and want to learn more, then be my guest!


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What you can expect to find on my site

Pre-writing | J. E. Masterman | jemasterman.com


Before you start writing, it’s useful to know as much as you can about who you’re writing about, the places, events and other stuff. This section will help you with that, as well as how to set yourself up so you can keep it all organized!

Writing | J. E. Masterman | jemasterman.com


Here is where I will put all the how-tos, tools, tips for writing better prose, structuring your novel, its flow etc

Editing | J. E. Masterman | jemasterman.com


Once you’ve finished your first draft (not before!) check out this section for what you should do next. (Hint: it’s not set your laptop on fire)