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So… Who am I?

So many young mothers dream of more; more money, more time with their kids, more freedom.

And sooner or later, I think we all come to the same conclusion: starting our own business is the only way to get all that.

I know the feeling.

That is why I’ve created this site dedicated to young mothers who want to become entrepreneurs. Yes, I know, there are many other sites for entrepreneurs out there, and many of them by people much more qualified than me! But this one is different. This one is specifically for young mothers, by a young mother who knows how difficult and scary it is to start your own business.

Here I will address many different aspects – those that are purely business, but also those faced only by young mompreneurs, such as tight finances (and how to balance family and business budgeting), self-doubt (are you really capable of doing this? Hint: yes, you are), and organization with toddlers running around your legs.

It will help you find that self-confidence again, and find the courage you need to fight for the life that you want!

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My Story


For many years now I’ve been absolutely obsessed with entrepreneurship. I’ve been reading every book on the subject I could get my hands on, reading blog posts, taking online courses, and even got a bachelor’s degree in business management.

Over the years I thought about starting approximately a million different businesses (that’s an approximation – it could be more), but I never really went through with it.

Sure, I’d get excited about it for a few months, maybe set up a website, promote it a bit, get a few customers, and then… Nothing. I was always too afraid to take it to the next level, to really go all the way.

So I know what it’s like! You’ve got all these questions twirling in your head: what if I fail? What if I can’t pay the mortgage on our house? What will others think of me?

So you start to make excuses. It’s not the right time. I don’t have enough money. I’m not on my own, I need to put my family first.

And you set your project (and dream) to the side until the next idea comes and it starts all over.

I get it. I really do. I’ve done it for years, and I’m done now.

Not done trying to start my business. Done finding excuses and giving up.

I’m starting my business now, and this blog will be many things; it will be my business journal where I will share my triumphs and failures, where I will share tips and tools for starting your own business, and perhaps most importantly, where I will motivate you to stay true to yourself as well and keep fighting for your dream!!

Only 1% succeed not because they are luckier than the 99%, but because they keep going when the 99% quit.

About me

I became a mom when I was 18, and struggled for a really, really long time. I struggled to come to terms with it (let’s face it, becoming a mom changes everything), and I struggled to find my place in the professional world.

It took me the longest time to find a job (surprise, no one wanted to hire a young mom with no degree), and when I did, I latched on to it like there was no tomorrow.

I then managed to find a better job, and decided to get a degree in business management, because by then I wanted to start my own business. I got my degree while working and raising 2 kids, but the stress and pressure over those 4 years led to a burn-out, which led to severe sleeping disorder, which in turn led to a severe depression. Long story short, it took me 18 months to recover from it, during which I lost my job.

I was crushed, and had absolutely no idea how I was going to get back on my feet.

But I did.

And in the end, all of that crap is the best that could have happened to me, because it’s given me the drive and hunger to start my own business NOW. Now more excuses. No more waiting “for the right time”.

There is only ONE right time, and that time is now my friend!! So if you’re still on the fence about starting your own business, jump off!

Take a leap. Let’s make the journey together!

I hope I’ll get to meet you 🙂

Send me an email, join my newsletter or follow me on social media! I’d love to hear from you.

And in the meantime, take care!!


Hi there! I’m Jen.

I’m here to tell you that you can do this.

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Nothing is impossible. The word itself says:

I’m possible

– Audrey hepburn





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